About Tax Pooling Solutions (TPS)

Tax Pooling Solutions (TPS) is a specialist provider of tax pooling and tax financing services that is trusted by thousands of businesses, and backed by the expertise of New Zealand’s leading professional tax advisers.

Tax Pooling Solutions (TPS) is approved by Inland Revenue as a tax pooling intermediary and Public Trust is the custodian for the tax pool.

Tax Pooling Solutions (TPS) objective is to provide a service:

  • That is straightforward, efficient and easy to use.
  • With operational integrity that customers can trust.
  • That is competitively priced and provides customers with tangible cost savings.

Why should I use Tax Pooling Solutions (TPS) instead of another intermediary?

  • We do not charge an annual membership fee, a monthly account or an establishment or registration fee.
  • We accept all deposits – there is no minimum threshold – allowing everyone to take advantage of the benefits of tax pooling.
  • Our friendly team provides a solution focus and responsive service.
  • We are well placed to sell your overpaid tax due to our large client base through our seven offices across New Zealand.
  • You can easily check your balance in the tax pooling account online.
  • We provide tax purchases and financing at competitive rates.
  • No credit checks or security required for tax financing.
  • We have multiple process dates during a month.

Contact our team today to get started with a no obligation consultation or just to ask for more information.